Apr 25, 2001


What is with vairamuthu and strawberry. When I first heard the lines 'strawberry kannanadho' in mukkala muquabla I was puzzled. Strawberry? That red, heart shaped, mildly thorny and sour fruit? Blue berry, black berry I could accept as possible, passable allusions to a fine pair of eyes..but strawberry? Perhaps he is stretching its shape, along with his imagination, to fit a damsel's eyes. Or could it be angry or sleepless eyes? When I finally learnt to live with this as another one of those nagging nuggets, he has done it again in 'Strawberry kanne'!

Drove to L.A for the long weekend. The summer morning was gorgeous, there were rows of dancing sunflowers lining the highway, and with fast music to suit the mood, It was exhilarating to feel the wind on my face, as I hit the gas pedal (En kaladi chatham kettu pookal alari kondu malarkindrana - the same vairamuthu). The cars moving over for me to the slower right lane as I blasted past on 80, 90 and occasionaly even a 100 Mph, did wonders to my ego. I5 was intoxicating even for me. Eventually, since I did not want to end up as a news item ("Eye witnesses said that the woman was driving at a highspeed when.."), I settled down to a comfortable 75 and was contented to watch the manoeuvers of the bold.

April 25, 2001