Jul 15, 2002


With regards to partition and its aftermath, maybe we, that is Pakistan, India and Bangladesh should jointly sue the British for compensation. It is incredible the boundaries for the then two countries had been determined in less than six months. I realize there were talks about it before, but the actual commission seems to have worked only for a short period of time,  less compared to the time taken to split Burma. And no plebiscite too. And the British players - Lord MountBatten and Radcliffe seem to be the main culprits.

But then how can we sue the British when our leaders have also said yes to whatever the commission had proposed. Hindsight is an important factor no doubt, but isn't making important decisions in anticipation of future is what is called vision? It is amazing to me that no one had that kind of vision in 1947.

But what do I know? It was perhaps such a superhuman effort. "Leave her to God or leave her to anarchy" is what Gandhi had said after all. I suppose after two hundred years of alien rule one would be in an urgency to win freedom at whatever cost.

July 15, 2002