Aug 22, 2002

Indian men

It took me tremendous restraint to not burst out laughing. After a tiring day, in a crowded Indian grocery store, I had just walked out of an aisle to stand in line behind a couple. They were looking at the stack of strategically placed videos and discussing about the stars of a popular movie, in proper tamil. After a moment or two, they realized my presence and promptly switched over to English (with an accent) and started talking about skiing in Lake Tahoe!

Another similar incident happened last week. I was busy licking off the vestige of delicious tomato chutney, sitting in a popular South Indian restaurant, when a conversation from the next table caught my attention. "Do you know what happens when you ask an Indian women if she loves her husband? Even the women in this restaurant?"

The middle aged Indian with a curiously fiftys style hairstyle brandished a piece of dosa towards the white man who shifted uncomfortably, bestowed a 'challenge me if you dare' look at me and continued, "You get a blank stare".

"Do you know why?", he continued. Please pray enlighten us, I thought.

"Because the fault is with Indian men, including myself. Unlike American men, we dont bring flowers, we dont tell them we love them", he declared, ignoring whatever his friend mumbled.

That was the most bizarre statement in this topic I have heard till date. The last thing an Indian women would do is go blank.

On the way back I stopped by Mike's cube and asked him just for kicks, "So did you bring flowers to your wife yesterday?" His brows creased momentarily and he asked startled, "Oh God, did I miss her birthday again?"

August 22, 2002