Sep 30, 2002


The next time someone outside of India attempts to deride Indian toilets, I am going to ask them if they have ever attempted to use a porta-potty in a crowded fair. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

Went to the renaissance faire this weekend. It was fascinating to see how even the visitors were into it, wearing period costumes, speaking period language... Walking through the streets you would find characters like Sir Walter Raleigh being chivalrous, Shakespeare, an unnamed priest muttering malevolently "sin, sin, sin", an ale wench... They also had these little skits performed by their actors right on the street, to give glimpses of lifestyle - A fight breaking out between two gentlemen, women washing clothes near a well, the guards dragging a man to the prison. It was very well done, you know, the prisoner would beg for mercy to someone walking along. I thought I would say "Off with his head", if he asked me! The smell of cigar and beer and meat was sickening though.

I wonder if a history fair on a similar vein would work in India. Cant say definitively.

September 30, 2002