Sep 16, 2002

Working moms

Geetha Bennet, in her article appreciates Jodie Foster's feelings on motherhood. (Incidentally, I admire both of their talents quite a bit) Ms. Foster apparently had refused an opportunity to repeat her oscar winning role on Hannibal and had instead opted to stay with her newborn child. Indeed, it is quite commendable.

Though millionaire actresses who have already won oscars deserve praise for making a choice to stay with their kids, those thousands of women who out of necessity have to go to work, get squelched in a crowded bus, get immersed in a mountain of files before their bodies that have just borne a child completely recovers, those women who have to sacrifice the pleasure of being with their child - to make ends meet, to give a better life for their little one, which in my opinion, is also a hallmark of motherhood, deserve equal praise. Especially more than what they usually get.

September 16, 2002