Oct 7, 2002

Changing Jobs

I recently quit my job. I was waiting near the elevator with my box full of things, when a woman joined me. I had seen her often, though I was not particularly acquainted with her. She saw me, nodded amiably and blurted, "cleaning out?". It was interesting to watch the shocked sympathy along with embarrassment at having said something inappropriate dawn on her eyes, immediately. I said, "today's my last day", not helping her much. Others joined us, glanced nervously at my side, and absolute silence prevailed as we descended despite the fact that it was Friday. I couldn't have had a better indicator of the economy. I idly wondered if I should give them a hug and reassure.

Anyway, I think one should force oneself to move to a new place, change jobs or atleast change the route to work from time to time, to shake oneself out of complacency, to reinvent oneself, to prove oneself. It is a great feeling to start something anew, despite the angst of change.

October 07, 2002