Nov 10, 2003


So I am filling up an application form and I come across the question I always see - Father's name. Not mother's name - it is always the father's name. I sigh and try to continue. The next - Husband's name. Not spouse's name, mind you. I pass on to the next question thinking of the injustice - a man who is filling up this form doesn't have to answer question three. I hand it off to the guy and he asks me "are you married?". I wonder momentarily if I should snap at him "Why are you going to propose?". I tell him mildly instead "Why do you want to know?". He gives me a sheepish smile and says, "you have put Ms, that's why". I tell him the option was there so I put it. "But madam", he insists " are you Miss or Mrs.?" I tiredly pull the form back from him, change it and give it to him, not having the enrgy to give a lecture.

November 10, 2003