Apr 22, 2004

Auto stories

I was late, almost ran and got into this auto-rickshaw. After telling the driver where to go, I sat back and thought of finishing up the last two pages of an engrossing novel I was reading. A few minutes later, sighing at the happy ending, I looked up. And I saw the auto-driver taking a left turn a very famous circuitous route to where I was going. I was furious. I was late. I could have given him more than what he would get now, if he had took me on time. I told him in an icy voice that I was onto him. He mumbled something. We got caught in traffic, there was smoke from the truck in front, I was sweating because of the heat, the minute hand moved. Anger weleld up inside me. I turned about to say something nasty to him. This driver, must be in his forties, probably has a few kids at home, his life defined by his auto and the meagre money he gets. And cheating the likes of me for ten bucks. I stared at his face. I couldnt pronounce the deriding words. After a few minutes we stopped in front of the destination. I asked him to keep the change and walked out.

April 22, 2004