Jul 27, 2004


Attended a soiree on saturday. Much more smaller affair than I had expected, but just as enjoyable. Pleasant evening. Time and space gallery, a charming extension to an old fashioned bunglow, with its low green trees against the grey skies, terracotta horses with bright pebble eyes, with art-work tastefully placed was a delightfull backdrop. Towards the end, for an encore piece, the Cellist picked what he called background music. He asked us to feel free to chat, have a cup of coffee, drag the chair... He settled down with the other two and then smiling at the resolute audience said, "We havent practised. please chat". cute.

After the soiree, on the way back, I met a doctor who does volunteer work for the upliftment of the female child. I told her that my home town is close to the infamous usilampatti. She told me about the research she had done on the subject and the various statistics. We bemoaned the horrors meted out to the female child and sighed about our inability to change the world.

July 27, 2004