Jul 25, 2005

Death session

A bunch of us meet in easylib every month to discuss philosophy. This isnt a book club, in the sense we dont bind ourselves typically to a single book. We started off with the philosophy behind Siddartha, then moved on to Buddhism, dwelled on Rajneesh and have recently touched upon JK. This week however, we talked about a book - Tibetan book of living and dying. Geetha Ramanujan as always, read well, was very articulate and moderated ably.

There is the usual core group and then we also get one or two hard-core fans/disciples of a particular philosphy that we are discussing that week, and things sometimes get a bit heated. Being lamentably dis-passionate about such things, yours truly usually ends up providing the comic relief.

We talked a lot about dying and what happens to the body etc. this week. (I know it does sound an odd way to spend a saturday afternoon, when I actually write about it). There was one major proponent who seemed to think the book is to die for (pun intended) - "read the book, you will know, your questions will be answered" and on the opposite side one who raised his brows and spat out - 'Come on, you asking me to take it on faith?'

Since it all seemed to be about how to accept death happily, I thought I would explain klingon philosphy when we continue next month on the same subject - "Today is a good day to die".

July 25, 2005