Jul 25, 2005

Head hunter...

Ring.. Ring..

Me: Yeah?
Caller : Hi, I am Karthik from XYZ Consultancy. So I forwarded the resume. You might get a call for interview timing.
Me: Huh?
Caller : You sent me your resume. You forgot?
Me: I did?
Caller : (Pause) Oh. I think I may have dialled.. You are not *** ***?
Me : (Very politely) No. I am his Manager.
(Dial tone)

Needless to say I am not ****'s Manager. I dont even know the guy. I looked it up in the employee database and found *****'s phone number is just one digit different from mine. His manager's is also just one digit different.

I shouldnt be laughing so much.

July 25, 2005