Jul 13, 2005


As part of my 'try a new author every month', I checked out a book by David Lodge from my library a few months ago. After reading five of his novels, I think can safely declare that I am hooked. I just finished 'Therapy', which is my second favorite after 'Thinks...'.

I am surprised that he is categorized as a comic novelist though. Yes, he does have a way of things that make you smile or even chuckle, but it goes much beyond that. He has a style of writing that is strong, gripping, in your face honest - his English view of the American way of life, of the conflicts of religion, war, of the bum on the streets, infidelity, goes beyond a categorization of comedy. But considering comedy is much more harder to write, I suppose its all right.

What impresses me most is the unpredictable way his characters behaves - unpredictable in the book sense - there are no neat endings, there is some resolution of a fashion but it is not what you expect in a book. But it is more likely what would happen in real life.

July 13, 2005