Sep 12, 2005

Improvised music

I went for an improvised jazz concert and did something I hate to do and have never done before. I walked out after an hour. the cello was barely audible and when it was, it sounded like some heavy breathing. The percussion sounds involved a 'jalra', some dragging sound and some gongs. The sound that came from the trumpet reminded me of boiling rice, hooka and birds with sore throat. The various tubes and funnels that were used didn't help. I could easily see that they were very talented musicians, but despite trying very hard I couldn't appreciate the music. When my mind wandered for the hundredth time to the travails of getting an auto late in the night, I decided I should walk out. I felt a bit foolish but I compensated by congratulating myself for not being a hypocrite.

September 12, 2005