Oct 3, 2005

Chasing the Monsoon

Excellent book - Chasing the monsoon. I finished it in one go - considering its a long time since a book has earned that merit from me and considering this isn't a thriller or even fiction, it shows how much I enjoyed reading the book. The best kind of travelogues are the ones with a specific purpose like 'In Xanadu'. In this book, Alexander Frater uses rain as his theme. Indian monsoon to be more specific. Frater is witty - very difficult to achieve in a travelogue, realistic, not at all condescending towards the Indians he sees. His book is a celebration, yet not one of those romantic look at India without any depth. You feel the joy and sorrow rain brings to the people he meets. You are part of it.

I would recommend it strongly. It made me want to pack my bags immediately

October 03, 2005