Oct 14, 2005

Violin strings

Attended a soiree Friday evening. Violin solo mostly except for a couple of pieces of violin-piano duo. Within ten minutes into the program, in the middle of the Saramanda by J.S.Bach, the string broke. The artist fixed it, got back, started playing, appearing unruffled. I would have completely lost it. Not that I have it in the first place.

The violinst mentioned in the baroque period, strings broke all the time. But with modern violins it doesnt/shouldnt. Google helped me find some interesting notes on strings.

When the violinist played one of his own compositions which involved a lot of funny sounds and gimmicks, a little girl behind me started laughing. She guffawed loudly despite her mom closing her mouth. Or perhaps because of it. This went on quite a few times and within minutes the whole row was dissolved into soundless laughter. I dont have a poker face, to put it mildly. My shoulders started shaking so much, and tears streaked while I tried hard to think of reasons why I should sober up immediately.

I am in the mood for classical now. Hearing Figaro.

October 14, 2005