Nov 11, 2005

Day 11 : Back to Pavilion

Woke up late the next morning.

Only two more days, and I have to head back to the daily grind. It was a tiring feeling to realize the vacation was coming to an end. I no longer have to say - visiting an English village - was one of my desires. When something you have wanted to do actually comes and goes, it isnt a pleasant feeling, I concluded.

We headed towards Cambridge on the way to London. Stopped in between in one of the houses that acted in ‘Pride and Prejudice’. This was Lady Catherine De Bourgh’s house in the adaptation. I walked about a bit. When I had originally decided to go on this trip, my first thought was to make sure I visited each and every one of those castles or manors that appeared in the Jane Austen adaptations. But when I finally drew up the plan, it had reduced to one or two. In reality though I had dropped most of it in favour of other attractions. There was one more pretty close by - Should I give up the one day in London for it? No, not really, I decided.

Perhaps it was my mood influenced by the impending end of the trip, or perhaps I didnt see the right places, perhaps my imagination wasnt cooperating. I didnt spend too much time in Cambridge. We drove around for sometime, stopped for a few photographs and then decided to head back.

Soon, we caught the motorway and headed towards London. I put my feet up and watched the undulating landscape, peeling skin off my burnt lips, remaining silent most of the trip.
We arrived near London but I managed to misguide and loose my sense of direction. After a few U-turns, finally got it right. A kind black gentleman repeated patiently that we had to take a U turn. So is it politically correct to say black or should it be African-English? Couldnt avoid the congestion fee, but had the experience of travelling inside London in a car during peak hours. It was a piece of cake ofcourse for someone from Bangalore.

I got stressed about how to pay the congestion fee. SR said he would pay it through the internet. Apparently photographs are taken and then matched with the payment details.
Caught a cab and arrived at CC’s house. Warm welcome, warm food. The mild dal was most soothing to my badly chapped, bloodied lips. Went to bed, feeling depressed about the end of the trip.

November 11, 2005