Nov 11, 2005

Day 12 : “Allow me to request, Sir, your indulgence”

I didnt have a particular plan for the day now that I was back in London. I thought it would be nice to go to Greenwich.

AC and CC accompanied and off we went. Caught the tube and then a light rail, this was the more modern part of London, I observed. The buildings were contemporary design, glass and steel.

Greenwich was beautiful, it was a sunny day again. What a blessing! We walked in the park, towards the observatory. Took a mandatory picture standing on the greenwich meridian, spent the better part of the morning walking about slowly in the park, admiring the view from the royal observatory. Longitude.

Saw a beautiful globe, but it was more pounds than I could handle - money and weight both.

Got back to a market near shakespeare’s globe theater, wandered a bit, trying the wares. Had lunch sitting on a bench in the banks of the thames watching clouds and the river go by. It was a very inward moment. It was surprisingly not too crowded.

I decided I wanted to walk across the millennium bridge. So trudged along. Thought the St.Paul’s facade they had put up while they were redoing it was hilariously touristy.

Spent most of the day soaking in the ambiance wandering aimlessly, making a memory.

Spent some time near St.Pauls. More tourists there definitely. How awe-inspiring to have been able to design an icon like this.

Went shopping in Oxford street. AC wanted to go to his weekly ISCKON meeting, so accompanied them to the temple. Was amazed to learn that a group of men and women go around the area singing bhanjans every week or something.

Caught a bus back to CC’s house since I wanted to travel by bus, after all the tube travel.

Headed back to India next morning in the official inaugral flight of British airways. I thought that was a nice ending.

I didnt get window seat, so no glimpse of the Tigris. Got out to dawn lights in Bangalore city.

November 11, 2005