Dec 12, 2005


Stumbled out of bed quite early forgoing my precious little sleep, got ready, tolerated the auto driver with his "life sucks" expression to arrive for Bangalore Walks. Was absolutely worth it.

Arun is very well informed and has definitely done his homework - to be able to actually get material for a couple of hours on a relatively 'new' city like Bangalore in itself is a herculean task. And he had made it interesting. He kept up a good pace and covered interesting grounds (pun intended) . Without going into too many spoilers, if you want to catch some of those old houses in the heart of the city before the next mall replaces it, you better go on the walk. And you'd get to know Churchill and Bangalored better. Oh and watch out for that black bag which has yummy snacks and drinks and even the necessary trash bag.

December 12, 2005