Jan 19, 2006

Flight trip

Took a cab to the airport. All those allegations about cabbies speeding, flouting traffic rules, generally driving rashly - all true!

People milled about - more men than women, more business travellers than families, an odd man wearing a shirt out of superman costume. There were flights every fifteen minutes. I could see the previous flight speeding up on the runway. My flight started to get on. And all of a sudden I saw another flight landing practically under the nose of this flight. I wondered if this was one of those near misses the TV journalists keep talking about. The rest of the flight was better. The steward was handsome and they gave buttermilk.

Chennai airport was much better. I finished my Georgette Hayer mystery - solved it before the detectives. Eyes nervously at a white guy who was swaying curiously in his seat. Later saw him eyeing a purdah clad lady equally nervously.

January 19, 2006