Jun 15, 2006


I try not to blog about work, but this is too good to pass. My colleagues played a prank on my new boss. My boss had been away and was returning after three weeks. Now he had never met me. The interview was over the phone. I had joined during his absence.

This is how the welcome back prank went.

One colleague sent out a message to my boss – “I need to talk to you about some issue” – late last night, setting the ball rolling. My boss walks in around 9:15 AM, asks someone how things were. That person says something like – “Well, not so good. We have some issues with the new lady”. Then someone else walks in and complains about me saying it’s very hard to work with me. Now my boss gets really worried. He takes the first guy a senior person for a 1-1, asking for specifics... Examples... “She is rude, obnoxious” - they all repeat. I got in around this time but as per our plan stayed out of that section. Another lady, a much prettier one at that, walks in and introduces herself as me. She promptly gets on the phone and starts talking loudly some non-work thing. S, the mastermind, asks her about some random server, very politely. ‘I’ respond very rudely. My boss clearly upset now, is trying to get a handle of the situation. ‘I’ step out. More people come in, in sufficient intervals and complain about me. He calls M, who referred me and asks him, “Was she like this in the previous company? Answer me? Everyone is complaining”. He says, “She is going through some personal problems”. My boss is very angry now. He says, “I am going to fire her. Do you have anything to say about that?”

‘I’ had returned to my seat in the meanwhile. Very angry, he calls ‘me’ for a 1X1.
While he was having the 1X1, we all barged in with a 'bakra' cap and I introduced myself.

It was totally hilarious. I must say though he bore it really well. He laughed and said he was a much-relieved man now. Good news is he has a sense of humor. Possible bad news is he might psychologically still think I am like her.

June 15, 2006