Aug 9, 2008

Remix on the road

Drove to Thiruvannamalai to see SS. Rain clouds followed throughout and the drive was beautiful. Much to the displeasure of everyone in the car -"You don't like melodies do you" - I played upbeat song, including some remix. "My name is Billa" was fast enough but "Ponmagal vandhal" is the best of the lot. "Engeyum Eppothum" has a hilariously brilliant moment when right after the initial intro you hear a voice, very quick saying "Tharumararukudhuppa". I think quite a few ols dongs will do well with a remix.

Well paved asphalt till Krishnagiri, young trees with flowers on the roadside, the mellow sun made me momentarily wonder where I was.

August 09, 2008