Apr 1, 2011


The new McDonald's ad is clever, charming and mildly irritating. Mildly irritating because of the stereo-types it reinforces. The boy buys, the girl is demanding etc. etc. It makes bespectacled non demanding creatures like me indignant.

I got reminded of a dialog in Disclosure when Sanders asks Hunter who she supports and she responds - "You know...it's funny how you always assumed you'd get the job. But nobody ever thought for a second it might be me. Hunter! not someone you'd follow into battle. A team player. No killer instinct. Doesn't have those tools. What is that all a code for? I studied engineering for eight years. I was the only woman in the department. You know what I did? I worked."

And I also got reminded of another McDonald's ad - even more charming than this one. The son opens his piggy bank to get a happy meal for his mom who looks upset.

April 01, 2011