Jul 14, 2011

Poetry in motion

Monsoon clouds hung low. Cars, buses and motorcycles clogged the narrow road, din of impatient honking filled the air and I sat by the window of my car staring out unseeingly. The car moved a little, a beam of sunlight broke through the clouds and I saw it - perched on a stone bench, about a foot high, unpolished, granite sculpture of an elephant, its trunk slightly twisted in mid motion, its ears wide open, staring straight at me. Droplets of water glistened in the evening sun's rays.

Traffic light changed, we moved on, the moment captured in my mind in an indelible black and white picture.

Some years ago I might have jumped out of the car, ran back the way and bought the elephant. Yesterday I simply savored the moment.

I have no doubt the sculpture will remain longer with me this way.

July 14, 2011