Aug 17, 2011

Fast track - move on

I watch the ad series for fast track with mixed emotions. The first thought is - it is cute. But when I think about it more deeply though [I know, why would anyone want to think about ads!] I find the whole philosophy of speeding things up disturbing. Are we as a generation not interested to spend time and energy going deep into anything? Are we so tuned to instant information that we don't feel like striving for anything? Are we even trained to think long term? Even nations seem to think in terms of mere decades [that too nations like Maldives that are likely to go under the sea in the next few decades].

Is the reminder of our own mortality - natural disasters, terrorism, accidents everday - making us all want to rush through life like there is no tomorrow?

What if I did live for a couple of more decades instead? What am I going to be able to show for myself?

August 17, 2011