Feb 10, 2012

Digitally enhanced life

My friend just started a photography business. I looked at the albums with the cute closeups of food and pouting children that she had shot and it struck me how much digitally enhanced our lives are.  I hear music that sounds crystal clear, I watch Television in high definition, I go to movies that are digitally mastered with surround sound, I capture all significant moments in my digital camcorder, again in high definition.

I wonder the impact of all this in the core content of what I experience.

Just a plain picture of a sandy beach feels like I am experiencing something transcendental just because of the cerulean blue of the sky and the definition of the sand grains. To me somehow the content is still the same as it was in a similar black and white photograph.

And that begs the question.

Am I somehow now less likely to appreciate something in its original un-embellished form? Has all this spoilt me for a normal colored normal sounding... life?

February 10, 2012