Nov 19, 2012

Write home about

I watched quite a few uninspiring movies, traveled a bit - even to Madurai which usually at least inspires a blog or two, but haven't found anything to write home about. It is the dilemma of a blog that is sort of neither here nor there. My blog is not intended as an update of what I am doing on a particular day or week to my friends, nor is it the Bridget Jones's diary equivalent. Though I could potentially write it as the latter - we do share one thing in common. Nevertheless, I am unable to fight the ennui that engulfs me from time to time when it comes to blogging.

Anyway, 'The Hindu' newspaper today took an interesting diversion from convention that I thought was worth blogging. The broadcast media stuck to conventional coverage of the demise of Bal Thackeray. So did all the western media with their predictable epithets. 'The Hindu' had the editorial - A troubling legacy' and an article 'Why I can’t pay tribute to Thackeray' that were interesting in its lack of sensational adjectives and in its objective commentary despite the time of publication.

November 19, 2012