Dec 5, 2013

Event at Atta Galatta

Had a great time at Atta Galatta.

There were interesting questions about the title, the weaponry, challenges of setting a romance in an old fashioned world and about the British protagonist. Reminded me of fellow author Ashok's comments on Goodreads [and a few others elsewhere] about the book being sympathetic towards the Brits. I didn't intend it to be. Or at the least not any more so than towards the others. I intended the book to be uniformly critical or uniformly sympathetic.

Of course, in a genre romance the main protagonist is predictably a chivalrous, honorable hero and as much as I enjoyed writing such a character, it is not my intention to extend the compliment to the entire race. There are British characters that do despicable acts and the heroine does bring up a few accusatory points. One thing to note though the period is early enough in the Raj that the British hadn't had sufficient time and more importantly broader power yet to execute their more dastardly acts - a la Dire.

December 05, 2013