Jan 19, 2014

Going places

Read an interesting article about whether it helps an author to visit the places his or her book is set in. I found that an interesting question. In some ways, it is better to write about a place one has experienced. While a youtube video can help me visualize a place, I am not sure if I can imagine the smell, the warmth or coolness on my skin, even the noises well enough to write true to the setting. But then again, my book is a historical. In some sense, I could never visit the place. So how authentic could I possibly be?

I believe I have visited most if not all the places the protagonists visit in the book. If I had not seen the rocky hills by the highways from Madras to Bangalore one late evening, I could not have written - 'they resembled ugly, scaly beasts'.  There is certainly merit in sticking to what one knows.

January 19, 2014