Jan 19, 2014


The whole of 2013 went in anticipation of Sherlock season 3. I waited for only one other movie with comparable interest.

The movie was 'Star trek into darkness'. Naturally with all the speculation and no spoilers [it got released in India before the rest of the world could tweet that the villain was indeed Khan], it was a nail-biting wait. And I had mixed feelings after watching the movie. As an aside, it was easy to spot the few trekkies in the audience - I believe about five us gasped when Cumberbatch declared his name was Khan. I found the new version lacking in depth despite having so much material, and potential actors. With the strides made in genetics and with the very polished Benedict Cumberbatch available to deliver lines from Milton, I thought it was a missed opportunity. But then the movie was entertaining.

Now on to Sherlock season 3. Again mixed feelings. I kept thinking, 'this series is fun, but what have you done to Sherlock?' I found it somewhat annoying that Sherlock was folding opera houses out of napkins when there was an unsolved case. And did he really solve anything with Magnussen? It was like watching a nice rom-com. And I do love rom-coms. And yes I did miss Moriarty.

January 19, 2014