Oct 3, 2014


It was a grand spectacle. The crowd went crazy about him no doubt. I wasn't really sure how to interpret the Madison Square Garden show. I mean Prime Minister Modi's visit of course.

Balloons, Hugh Jackman, Star Wars quote... Seriously? In many levels, it resembled a high level sales call than a state visit. The kind where you put up a good show, you razzle-dazzle potential investors.And that's great. We do want our economy to strengthen, for India Inc to be oversubscribed.  It must really be my old fashioned misguided sense of restraint that wanted the revelry to be toned down.

Despite what John Oliver said I thought the Force quote was fun, Mr. Modi delivered it with commendable aplomb. Our PM cannot possibly quote Wolverine from X-Men First Class, can he now?

October 03, 2014