Feb 11, 2015


After a really long time got caught up with the never ending news cycles thanks to the AAP sweep in Delhi. There are smarter people than me who have written smarter things about the reasons for the victory, have predicted or warned that its not going to be a happy ending etc. But this is a big enough news for an intermittent blogger like me to wake up and add my two paise worth opinion.

The biggest lesson in all this is the power of showing up. In other words, the need for perseverance and endurance and organization at the face of defeat. Three years later the civil society seems to be in a disarray, most of the stalwart members from then floundering about now, except for those in AAP. I think its because they continued to show up even after the results of the last election, even after getting hit, even after an ill received resignation.  Showing up, inspiring volunteers, relentlessly being at it.

There are countless of those who persevere longer under tougher circumstances who dont always win and who knows how this win will change AAP. All said and done, the title of the blog post is not a typo. It is a translation defying Tamil slang that describes the situation aptly. 'Vachitanya Aappu..'

February 11, 2015