Feb 18, 2015

Fifty Shades

Last weekend saw the movie debut of the mother of all best sellers - Fifty Shades of Grey. As if there isn't enough publicity as it is, there were all kinds of take on the movie - the importance of consent in BDSM lifestyle, whether it should be welcomed by feminists or not, if the book is ultimately just a sweet romance, whether it is bigger than Jesus or not [in case you are wondering, that was a Fortune article on the relative box office numbers of Passion of the Christ and Fifty Shades].

I haven't read the book. No, not because of any moral or even literary objections, I simply haven't gotten around to it. When it comes to the movie though I am pretty sure I am not going to go to watch it. No, again not because of any moral objections. I would have if it had been Matt Bomer.

February 18, 2015