Feb 13, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

The big V-Day is here, forcing one to ponder about romantic love. Inevitably there are articles on what one expects from one's boyfriend or girlfriend, how the modern generation does not understand true love [which I am sure is a timeless view], what is the best food to eat, where to go etc. Naturally these are interesting stuff, but fleeting.
Time could both be a true aid or a true tester for love, is it not? It could be the drudgery and disappointments of daily life nipping away at any romantic feeling one might be fortunate to have. Or the reverse, a foundation of love helping one brave the irritations and setbacks of the daily grind.
A key aspect to love that withstands the test of time and hardships is really an attitude of openness. Openness to let go of control and let in trust. Not in grand gestures or great sacrifices, but in small everyday actions - ability to laugh in the middle of a heated argument, ability to concede after a yelling match... Its of little steps.
Chocolate and flowers don't hurt in the meanwhile.

February 13, 2015