Feb 25, 2015


Watched the Oscar show in half hour flat - thank god for the remote! I liked the opening musical number, have always been a sucker for it since the Billy Crystal days.  Quite a few teary eyes after the Selma number. Fully expected Chris Pine to wipe away his tears for Lady Gaga as well.

Wasnt sure how to interpret the pitch for equal wage what with all the mother sentiment, but totally loved Merryl Streep's reaction.The top speech is that of Moore, writer of Imitation Game. I especially liked that he didn't feel compelled to explain on stage he was not gay. Reminded me of Edmund Hillary who didn't disclose who between him and Tenzing Norgay really ascended the peak first.  [Particularly because I read somewhere that Tenzing later said it was Hillary]. 

February 25, 2015