Mar 8, 2015

Happy Women's Day

Greetings on international women's day.
The Mute Anklet is hardly feminist literature but there are at least three scenes in the book, the first chapter, the post war pillage and the maharajah's reaction to his sister's news, that I wrote with conscious thoughts of a woman's place, of the kind of hazards a woman would face when she does something out of ordinary. I only meant to approach it lightly though keeping in mind the genre.
If I were to go by what I read in the media, there doesn't seem to be any hope for women and this world so full of dark perils seems like its no place for us. It seems pointless to even talk of equal opportunities. But then again, no fight for equality is easy, especially not one in which many of us sleep with the enemy. I am only kidding, I do not consider men as enemies.
I have no illusions about all the horrific things human beings are capable of and despite all the despairing news from every corner of the globe I sincerely hope ultimately reason will prevail and sanity will be restored - okay perhaps not restored, established.
I am a feminist. Are you?

March 08, 2015