Apr 30, 2015

Let's get hitched

Saw the charming, but forgettable 'OK Kanmani' over the weekend. Beyond the social and religious constructs and the legal protection, the case for marriage remains largely unplumbed. Ironically, the story line seems to imply marriage is the result of a need to bind someone at the moment of possible separation. If one were to discount the notion of sin and is not worried about the social stigma, then whats left is that of the legal rights of a spouse. What a depressing reason!

Is there a romantic reason at all? I believe so. Marriage makes walking out of a relationship really hard. It's rigged in favor of staying. So agreeing to marry someone is at a certain level willingly making it harder for oneself to part. its saying 'even at a future point if I want to part from you, I would like the system to buy me enough time so I can come to senses.'  Its trusting the other, in that moment, more than one's own future self. Is it not?

April 30, 2015