May 21, 2015

Buying power

I always find it fascinating to watch popular advertisements – the crass, the tasteful, the pretentious - all of them.  They say a lot about contemporary cue-reward systems.  Two ads – one by Deepika Padukone for jewelry and another by Katrina  Kaif for a watch [which is practically equated to jewelry] were quite interesting.

In the good old days, these sort of ads would have the father majestically wiping away a tear as he blesses his much bejeweled daughter during her wedding. But there seems to be a shift in point of view, obviously the target is to bring in the young woman herself as a buyer. 

How do you get a modern young woman to buy hefty necklaces?  With a  message that resonates with her need for empowerment perhaps? In the watch ad – the voice over [mildly defensive] reinforces that it is her decision to marry and subtly says buy the watch for your own sake.  In the jewelry ad the voice over celebrates a young woman’s love for her mother as  she buys ornaments for her,  while the images of  Deepika trying on the jewelry bombards subtly saying you would look good in this too.

Ultimately the ads cleverly find a way to re-purpose or subvert the need to be heard, the need to stand out to celebrate traditional behaviour. Still I’d any day take these ads with their pseudo messages of empowerment than the openly demeaning ones.

May 21, 2015