May 12, 2015

Second Sunday in May

Apparently last weekend was mothers' day. Was unwell and missed all the ads, so naturally didn't realize. 

It was like any other day when I'd take my mom for granted, calling her at short notice to um... demand a particular dish [because i was unwell, because it was raining etc.], or to ask a particularly difficult question about Income Tax laws. Like any other day when I'd argue with her about her religiosity or health or grand-parenting skills  [make no mistake she gives as good as she gets]. 

It was like any other day when I'd think proudly as well as worriedly how much I am beginning to resemble my mom. Or not. 

I suppose if many years from now, my daughters have similar feelings for me, this fantastic brew of exasperation and respect and love - well - that'll do.

May 12, 2015