Jun 9, 2015

Despite, Because

The #Despitebeingwoman is hilarious, really.  One has to have a sense of humor when reading such news.  I have been told, 'For a woman you are..' by  well meaning colleagues and friends who genuinely thought they were paying a compliment.

As a writer with the power of the backspace I have always been fascinated about the ability of those who are in media focus, especially politicians, to maintain the facade at all times. Especially in these days of constant exposure, I'd imagine it'd be inevitable one's authentic views seeps through. Though I'd have expected it to happen in a Q&A type of situation, not in a speech.
To be fair, its a new world. For years to come we are going to have to struggle through definitions of what gender identity means. Through the maze of religious, scientific, cultural stereotypes we will hopefully arrive at a point where we can identify common experiences for the comfort of definitions but don't necessarily bind ourselves to semantics.

So we don't ask the leader of a country what she's wearing because she is a woman or express condescending comments about her ability to deal with terrorism despite her gender. 

June 09, 2015