Jun 15, 2015


Watched the Rom-com 'Khoobsurat' over the weekend. Handsome people, beautiful visuals, good acting [by one person], just the kind of movie to relax to, when you don't want to tax your brain much.

Rom-coms have to be visual treats. Movies like 'Letters to Juliet' come to mind. It'd take me a paragraph to describe the two second shot of the car roaring past the acres of sandy desert landscape. In that two seconds you can feel the sun and the wind. That palace! And Fawad Khan's costumes! I had fun trying to figure out if there was any shot of him without a handkerchief peeping out of his suit pocket; the character also religiously unbuttons his coat every time he sits and buttons back every time he stands. 

Rom-coms often have to rely on word play and situation humor as opposed to the slapstick kind and are harder to write. The script was sadly lacking in this area except for this one scene- Vikram comes into Milli's room to have a particularly difficult conversation with her. Milli's voice-over, brilliantly delivered by Sonam, goes something like, 'Ooh, how handsome he looks' and his voice-over overlapping, again brilliantly delivered goes, 'Oh what has she done to this room.' Reminded me of Hugh Grant in the middle of an emotional speech pausing to ask, 'Is that blue soup?'

June 15, 2015