Jun 22, 2015

Sense of resilience

Spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with a charming group of women. It rained just right and the beautiful objects around brought a sense of joy. I am the kind of person who is tuned inward, likely to walk in a park staring at the ground, my head filled with some useless thoughts. Of late, I am trying to be mindful. If not for that I'd have missed the symmetry of the door knobs, or the two little foot prints on the surf board magnet.
I talked about my process of writing, not so much in terms of the 'mechanics' of it like chapter planning, editing etc. but about what keeps me going, what makes me go back to it. The kind of things I wish someone had told me years ago. The kind of things I wish someone would tell me on a Monday afternoon as a long week unfolds.

June 22, 2015