Jul 1, 2015


Vacations feel great, especially just before I leave. I still have the hope that it's going to be a relaxing time with no worries, that I am going to enjoy time with the family, that it's going to be endless sunshine and long walks. Disasters like the loss of a smartphone with one year worth of photographs might be lurking around the corner, but I am still blissfully hopeful.

I usually make up a list of things to do before, to be utterly and completely at ease during the time off, and as the day of the departure comes closer, it becomes clear what's important and what's not. To misquote from 'The Godfather', 'print the ticket, forget the map.' 

Over the years, I am noticing a change in pattern. Before, I would want to visit museums a lot more than I do now.  I suspect the glut of information and pictures that are available online is the reason for the change. I explore this thought in the book I am working on. Talking of which, I always have this delicious thought that maybe, finally I'll get to finish that novel I am working on.

July 01, 2015