Sep 15, 2015

Traffic philosophy moment

You cant be a Bangalorean if you don't complain about traffic.

Got caught in bumper to bumper traffic this morning. For a good part of half an hour, like a toy winding down, I went from reasonable speed to inching forward, to finally coming to a full stop. I leaned out and tried to see what the issue was and was greeted by the usual sight of a blocked intersection.

Growing up, I read a lot of stories starting with 'In the town of Baghdad'. One such story is about a camel in a bitterly cold day that first puts it nose into the tent, then its limbs and finally fully gets into the tent and pushes the merchant out. The moral being if you let go of an inch, you better be prepared to let go of everything. I guess everyone here read that story. 

It is very odd;  you could clearly see that the traffic is blocked in front and by occupying the intersection you'd only aggravate the situation. But you don't want to allow a single car. Because you mistrust the next person in line.

The situation continues until someone gets down from a bus or a truck and starts giving directions. It's like we all need parents or tribal lords and can't negotiate as adults.

September 15, 2015