Sep 28, 2015

US Visit

This article in 'The Nation', from Pakistani media brought back a memory of this one liner that I wrote more than a decade ago.  At the time I was viewing the then President Musharraf's actions in comparison to our leaders. It is odd how conditioned our brains are to first look at any action or achievement from the other country in the context of our own security, and pride. That a visit to Silicon Valley where the Indian PM is received like a rock star gets connected to US arming India. Or that UN as a platform available feels like a distant second place. How important presentation is in this fully connected world, is reflected in the line in the article that urges President Nawaz to watch 'PM Modi's gait and gestures.'

It's great that there will be Wi-Fi in Railway stations. I'd also like them to be clean.

September 28, 2015