Mar 10, 2016


It's a lot more fun to read up on elections in other countries. I am not emotionally invested, and it is much easier to shake my head with wonder at the vagaries of the electorate. The current US primaries is allowing for hours of entertainment.

He is an odd one, this Mr.Trump. In SNL, he almost seemed benign, poking fun at himself  at the broad, miraculous promises he was making, and making moves to the tunes of Drake.  Downright scary if you really think about it - humor, especially self-effacing humor can suddenly make even the most monstrous character human.

There are elections coming up in TN too... While there aren't immediate parallels, here too are leaders who connect at a gut level and those that try to appeal to your intellect. Like many other things in life, I'd want a bit of both. 

March 10, 2016