Apr 14, 2016

Lost and found sweet

Way back, during my preteen years, back home, many evenings I would sit waiting for a vendor of sweets. Clutching the money that I most likely persuaded my grandmother to part with, I would wait for the hand cart with a big glass jar full of Soanpapdi to come into view.

Mind you, it was not the cake like, tightly packed thingy that is commonly found everywhere. It was an airy, stringy version that would melt in your mouth within a fleeting moment. The vendor would take a newspaper sheet and fashion a cone out of it and slap that mouth-watering cotton candy like confection in it. And in a minute it'd be gone, leaving me wanting for more.

I still have a weakness for Soanpapdi but would always recall the other version fondly even as I ate the cake version that invariably felt heavy. 

And then just yesterday, I got a pack of Turkish Pismaniye. In a delightful moment of surprise I found that the sweet was more closer to that childhood Soanpapdi than the current Indian version.

Have managed to stuff a whole box full of sweets within a couple of days. Brought back a lot of childhood memories as well as some added pounds for sure. Whoever thought of the funny name - floss halva?

April 14, 2016