Jun 4, 2016


I hate violent sports. Absolutely hate them. Can't stand to watch blood oozing out of someone's mouth or for that matter a bitten ear. Men strutting about before the match, spouting drivel about how they'd thrash their opponents makes me shudder in distaste and quickly change the channel.

Except when it is Muhammad Ali.  Was it because, as he himself said eloquently, he was pretty and was the greatest?

The blustery 'in-ring' persona, softened by years gone by and the context of his real temperament, comes across as charming. He is the underdog we all want to root for. The one that not only wins, but does so in supreme confidence, in great style, knocking the bloodied teeth out of anyone who even dares doubt.

Ali made it all about pushing one's body to its limits. He made it cerebral. Poetic.


June 04, 2016