Jul 12, 2016


My BFFs have persuaded me to watch the popular K-drama Descendants of the Sun. With great difficulty I am limiting myself to one episode a day and I already know I am going to have withdrawal symptoms once I exhaust the 16 episodes.

Half through the episodes, I had this feeling the writer must be a woman.  I don't mean that in a cliched, reductive 'romance and chick-lit written by women, horror and thrillers written by men' way. Some of the top mysteries are written by women writers and there are big hit rom-coms written by men.

But surely only a woman could write those lines striking the perfect mix of humor and honor and confidence and charm that actor Song Joong Ki delivers with aplomb. I am reliably told that Yoo Shi Jin and Kang Mo Yeon are going to end up together and that I can safely watch the rest of the episodes. A feel good romance that ticks all the boxes for me.

July 12, 2016