Jul 28, 2016

Part 2 - Genre dilemma

I am hardly an established writer, I know. It really shouldn't have mattered to me when I set my upcoming novel in contemporary times. 'General Fiction' an ominous voice whispered in my ears. It didn't have the same ring as 'Historical'.

I did consider setting the second novel in the late nineteenth century for some five ill-advised seconds, but then realized it worked much better in 2015. Yes, there are strong historical connections to the plot going back to the tenth, eleventh, thirteenth centuries, but inevitably the tone is different.
The modern times, brought in a faster pace, even impatience. To paraphrase a dry remark of a friend of mine, I couldn't plausibly make the characters think for two pages at a time. It didn't ring true. 

Perhaps this novel is more mystery than romance, more focussed on art than history. It is firmly placed in modern day cities with their cell towers and automobiles. But I am somehow sure the reader will discern the same voice. 

July 28, 2016