Oct 17, 2016

Travel karma

Made a short trip to Coimbatore for an event. I am not a natural stage speaker, so I am often at a loss to explain why I accept speaking engagements. Some vague notion of getting out of comfort zone and all that, I am sure. After a few particularly hectic weeks at work, I caught the flight Thursday afternoon hoping to relax a bit. The 'podi idli' I bought at the airport tasted like sawdust, the man next to me hogged the armrest through the entire flight, and there was heavy turbulence. I arrived at the hotel and ended up being wide awake through the night feeling nauseated.

Friday was much better. It is always refreshing to meet young people full of hope and vitality.

The good karma I guess paid off during my return trip. I was first rewarded with an unexpectedly beautiful sight of a peacock sauntering by the runway as it started to drizzle. In a full flight, only the seat next to me was empty and the flight landed before time.

As always I kept thinking of the things I could have added or deleted or rephrased during the speech. 

October 17, 2016